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Perbarui terbaru : 2020-07-10

Ukuran: 100MB


Game isi

The most breathtaking MMORPG is live in SEA now!! Scale crisis is swallowing the whole world! With your arrival, we will be rescued!

The fear of demons, the despair of disease, and the tyranny of Grovia Empire make people miserable. As a capable battle agent of Crow, you gradually understand the truth of the virus in the course of your confrontation with Grovia, and you start to fight to rescue the surviving humans.
-[Fight for Antidote]
Experience your own epic redemption adventure on your mobile phone. Become a legend by taking control of the antidote and saving your love.

-[Double Weapons]
Fantastic gear, material quenching, dynamic skills, powerful firearms and blades can significantly increase your combat power!

-[Build Your Salvation Corps]
fellow or foes? It all depends on your judgment! Fight alongside friends and against enemy in legendary battles against millions of players from around the world!

-[Express Yourself]
Become a savior as your true self with high degree of freedom customization options by simple tools.

-[Explore the Endless World]
Immersive world with best 3D graphics on mobile. Diverse life content, including racing and diving, along with your own base to manage and expand the Crow.

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    Silakan bermain CRISIS: S di PC dengan LDPlayer

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