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Perfect World VNG: Fly with me

Unduh Perfect World VNG: Fly with me di PC dengan LDPlayer Android Emulator - Dipercaya oleh 100M + Pengguna
  • Android 7.1

    Berdasarkan kernel Android 7.1 baru dengan kompatibilitas tinggi dan frame rate, LDPlayer mendukung pengguna untuk menjalankan Perfect World VNG: Fly with me dengan kinerja lebih tinggi di komputer mereka

  • Pengaturan Multifungsi

    LDPlayer telah dioptimalkan dengan pengaturan multifungsi dan ramah pengguna seperti pengaturan pintasan, alokasi CPU / RAM, penyesuaian resolusi, dll. Memungkinkannya bekerja lebih baik daripada ponsel.

  • Pengoperasian yang Aman

    Memberikan layanan yang andal dan aman, LDPlayer berjanji untuk melindungi keamanan dan privasi akun Anda. Kami tidak akan mencuri dan membocorkan informasi pribadi Anda saat Anda memainkan Perfect World VNG: Fly with me di LDPlayer.

  • Perbarui sering

    Tim kami bekerja keras untuk terus memperbarui LDPlayer agar dapat memberikan pengalaman bermain game terbaik bagi pengguna. Untuk masalah atau saran, Anda dapat langsung mengunjungi Facebook kami untuk menghubungi kami.

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Mainkan Perfect World VNG: Fly with me di PC dengan LDPlayer


“Perfect World VNG - Fly With Me” is free-to-play role-play 3D Open World MMORPG game which is developed by the Official Perfect World Company and published by VNG PH as Perfect World Mobile PH (Pwmph).
Perfect World Mobile brings the original game’s innovative flight system which is seamlessly integrated with the three-dimensional panoramic map allowing players to explore the massive 60,000 square kilometer continent. Players will be able to engage in epic battles across the vast continent whether they choose to engage in combat by air, on land or in the oceans. The Human, the Winged Elf and the Untamed have made their return to the Perfect Continent!


Perfect World (PW) is a beautiful and huge continent made by Pangu (who is also known as God). In this continent, The Human, the Winged Elf, the Untamed have lived in peace together for a long time. One day, the wraiths long thought to be extinct returned in full force. They are more corrupt and malevolent than ever before to destroy the Perfect World. Who will be the next heroes generation to protect this Perfect World and bring the peace back.


1. [Next-gen Graphics & Seamless World]

- Movie-level graphic quality incorporating realistic light and shadow effects guarantee the most immersive season and weather experience.
- The Perfect World spans over 60,000 square kilometers
- The panoramic three-dimensional map seamlessly connects and integrates the unique flight system. Let’s fly to discover the vast skies, the endless lands and the mysterious oceans.

2. [The return of 3 familiar classes: The Human, The Untamed, The Winged Elf]

- 3 Races - 6 Classes and 7 characters appearances
- The Human: Wizard, Blade Master
- The Untamed: Barbarian, Venomancer
- The Winged Elf: Cleric, Archer

3. [Thrilling and Diverse Battles]
- Wage wars in massive multiplayer dungeons and claim your glory in epic guild conflicts.
- Unlimited combat by air, on land or in the ocean in PWM

4. [1001 character customization]
- Rich and micro character appearance customization: body, face, clothes,...
- 250 fashionable skin items, create your own character style with friends and lovers

5. [Fulfill your need with PK system in PW]
- Full PK system: FreePK, PvP, PvE, cross server diversity PVE everyday
- PVP: 1vs1, 3vs3, 6vs6, 24vs24 and unlimited guild war
- PVE: dungeons, guild, party, world bosses, guild bosses

6. [Friendship and love]

- Fly and fight together to build and bond friendship and love
- Experience the wedding parties with ingame partner: invite friends, receive wedding gifts, dance and cheer together
- Everyday is a fun day with guilds, friends, parties and love partners.

Let’s download this worth-to-play & free MMO game to protect the perfect world!
Together with your PH friends and enjoy Perfect World Mobile PH (Pwm) now!

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Cara Mengunduh Perfect World VNG: Fly with me di PC

  • 1

    Unduh LDPlayer di PC

  • 2

    Jalankan paket apk & menyelesaikan membuat

  • 3

    Mencari Perfect World VNG: Fly with me di LDPlayer

  • 4

    Membuat game dari toko LDPlayer

  • 5

    Memasukan game dengan click icon game setelah membuat selesai

  • 6

    Silakan bermain Perfect World VNG: Fly with me di PC dengan LDPlayer

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