LD Game Elemental Quest Top-up Deal


Benefit 1:

Event Time: 16:00(UTC+0) July 5th ~ 15:59(UTC+0) July 11th

First Top-up Deal: Make a purchase and get bonus rewards from LDPlayer! During the event, players can receive 99 LD Coins bouns reward after making a purchase in LD Game Elemental Quest. Rewards will be sent to the corresponding LD account within 3 days after making the purchase. Each LD account can only participate in this event once.

Benefit 2:

Event Time: 16:00(UTC+0) July 5th ~ 15:59(UTC+0) July 31st


Total Top-up Amount During the Event

Corresponding Rewards


S Tier Pokémon--->Munchlax


Coins*600k;Diamonds*350;Common Universal Shard*5


Diamonds*500;Emerald Stone*1;Common Universal Shard*5

Total Top-up Deal: Reach a designated total top-up amount to claim various gift packs! During the event, players can receive the corresponding gift pack when reaching a designated total top-up amount. Please contact customer service to claim your exclusive gift pack code when reaching the designated total top-up amount.

(How to contact CS: Click on LDPlayer floating icon on the left side in the game, then click on the FB or Discord icon at the bottom left corner. Or quick-jump to FB:https://www.facebook.com/ldgameofficial

Note: There are only 1000 gift packs available in total for this event. If any participant is found using malicious software or any other method that clearly violates the rules to obtain a gift pack, the organizer has the right to immediately disqualify the participant upon discovery or verified report by a third party. The organizer also reserves the right to pursue legal action against any actions that disrupt the event.

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